Proposed Home Rule Charter for Framingham

A Charter Commission elected by voters of Framingham in April 2016 was charged by law with preparing a document, called a Charter, which establishes and defines the structure of city and town government for a particular community.

Read the Final Charter and Reports (1/17/2017)

The Charter Commissioner who wrote the Minority Report believes that this Charter puts too much control and power into the hands of just a few, drastically cuts public participation, and does not guarantee positive change.

Read the Charter Commission Minority Report

On April 4, 2017, Framingham voters will be asked to vote Yes or No on whether to accept this Charter as our new form of government.

Join the members of Not THIS Charter and VOTE NO on April 4.

Not THIS Mayor

The proposed home rule charter establishes an all-powerful mayor for Framingham. The person elected will control Framingham’s budget process and will essentially control development in our town. Yet, the charter does not require the mayor to have any skills or qualifications to ensure that they’re capable of the task. The character of our local electoral… Read More

Not THIS City Council

The Charter consolidates our current 18 precincts into 9 new districts. The proposed City Council will be made up of one person from each district plus two councilors elected ‘at large’ who can be from any district. There are no checks to ensure that the two ‘at large’ councilors are not elected from the same… Read More

Citizen Participation

Framingham’s current form of government gives citizens the opportunity to voice their concerns and have an impact. Going forward we want to ensure that any form of government we choose ensures ample citizen representation. In the proposed Charter, there are almost impossible hurdles for citizen action and little incentive for the government to respond. Citizens… Read More


Using data from the census bureau and the department of revenue it’s clear to see that Framingham has done better than comparable “cities” getting State and Federal funding. For comparison, here’s a look at communities within 35 miles of Framingham which also fell within close range of Framingham’s population, household income, and home values. Framingham’s… Read More