Not THIS Charter is a growing group of concerned Framingham residents coming together to fight the city charter that will be on the ballot in the April 4th local election.

  • We are open to change in our local government
  • We are not trying to protect the status quo
  • We know there are much better ways to improve our government without throwing it out and starting over
  • We are committed to working on government changes which will be good for Framingham

The Charter commission process was held up to be collaborative and an open process in which to develop a new charter for Framingham. While members of Not THIS Charter participated in Charter hearings and provided input, we found the process to be more closed to public input than expected and the process was fast tracked to a pre-determined outcome.

When the final charter was presented, we examined it thoroughly and found it to be a very bad structure for Framingham.

We believe:

  • There are better ways to make the government of Framingham more effective, more productive, more timely, and more responsive to Framingham residents and businesses.
  • It doesn’t matter how or why the impetus to change came about. What matters is that we make the right change because there’s no turning back. THIS charter would be the WRONG change!


We need your help getting information out to all Framingham voters. Please:

And please, Vote NO on April 4th!


John Stasik
John Stasik has been a resident of Framingham for nearly half a century resident of Framingham. He is active in many local and regional civic and cultural organizations. John has participated in many Framingham municipal boards and committees including being elected to Town Meeting, the Planning Board and Board of Selectmen. He was also State Representative from Framingham’s 7th Middlesex District.  
Hank Moran
Hank Moran became a Framingham resident in 1973. His three children attended Framingham schools. Hank has served for many years as a Town Meeting Member representing Precinct 3. In his current TMM term, Hank was appointed to the Government Study Committee and also serves as the Precinct 3 representative to the Standing Committee on Community Services. Previously, he served on the Standing Committee on Education and the Standing Committee on Planning and Zoning.