Former State Representative
Former Framingham Selectman
Former Member, Framingham Planning Board
Friends of Saxonville

Neighbors, Friends and Fellow Residents,

Once I had every hope that now is the time to change Framingham Government from Town to City.  I joined the Framingham First group and was confident that the Charter Commission would offer Framingham Residents an opportunity to form a government that would be both truly democratic and effective. I was wrong.

After participating in the charter process and trying to provide input and engage in collaborative dialogue with the commission, I now chair the Ballot Question Committee seeking to defeat this proposed charter.  The proposed city charter is structured to centralize power, exclude residents and clear the path for special interests. It is not in Framingham’s best interest.

There are many more non-democratic measures in this charter.

Please take the time and make the effort to learn the many ways this charter fails to live up to the higher standard of fair and equal representative government. Stay connected to this web site, read, ask questions of us, attend our meetings and become involved.

Join us!  We look forward to your thoughtful and informed vote to defeat this charter on April Fourth.