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Information and News

Framingham Source Op-eds

Framingham Source invited 10 community members to write op-ends on the proposed charter question on the ballot of the April 4th Town election. Five people wrote a vote yes op-ed, and five wrote a vote NO op-ed. Below are summaries of the op-eds that recommend a NO vote, each with a link to the original op-ed on Framingham Source.

March 13, 2017, by Elizabeth Funk

Framingham combines professional administration with voluntary community input that results in coalitions and consensus on critical issues. In these complex times, professional management is essential. There is much evidence that ours is strong and effective. Financial oversight has been a strength for the Town in recent years. The Town has very high benchmarks for fiscal discipline. Town Meeting generally makes good decisions that reflect the core values of our community.

Read the full op-ed by Elizabeth Funk here.

March 14, 2017, by Bradley C. Bauler

Disappointment set in with strident claims about how everything was broken and intentionally false accusations that the town form of government is responsible for all municipal problems. Discouragement grew with the emergence of a strong mayor who appoints more than 160 members of boards, commissions and committees with a veto power that requires eight of eleven city councilors to overturn any decision. One mayor and four city councilors dominate under this proposed charter. Five people.

Read the full op-ed by Bradley Bauler here.

March 15, 2017, by Norma Shulman

Our Town Meeting is a good filter for ideas and projects because members really have to sell the benefits to get support from this legislative body. Our elected precinct representatives do not have donors to appease or please. Seven examples of how shining sunlight on issues in public and in front of fellow Town Meeting Members (and Town Meeting’s Standing Committees) to get their votes illustrates the author’s point.

Read the full op-ed by Norma Shulman here.

March 16, 2017, by Linda Dunbrack

This charter creates a lopsided power structure. Under this charter, the Mayor holds the vast majority of the power. The Council has less power and limited checks on the Mayor’s power. This charter fosters an unhealthy dependency on large campaign donations for the Mayor. This charter puts the education budget at risk. This charter does not magically lower taxes, increase state funding, fill empty shopping centers, improve our schools.

Read the full op-ed by Linda Dunbrack here.

March 17, 2017, by Mark W. McClennan

I believe the charter will reduce opportunities for citizens’ voices to be heard and have an impact, give Framingham residents fewer opportunities to engage in one of the hallmarks of New England – participatory democracy, and was rushed through without examining all the options.

Read the full op-ed by Mark McClennan here.

Documents and Presentations

Key Reasons to Vote NO
Our summary brochure, formatted for easy online reading, which gives an outline of reasons why you should vote NO for THIS Home Rule Charter on April 4th.
Minority Report of the 2016-2017 Charter Commission
Every Framingham voter should read the Minority Report of the 2016-2017 Charter Commission, written by Commissioner Teri S. Banerjee. Her report explains why voters should reject this proposed city charter.
Why You Should Vote No
A one-page, printable summary of why the citizens of Framingham should vote No on the Home Rule Charter ballot question on April 4. Revised March 26, 2017.
Current Selectmen/Town Meeting government vs. proposed Mayor/Council government
A side-by-side comparison of the current Selectmen/Town Meeting government vs. the proposed Mayor/Council government Prepared by FACT (Framingham Alliance for Civil Transparency)
Not THIS Charter Press Release
Framingham residents opposed to the proposed city charter have formed a ballot question committee known as Not THIS Charter, naming John Stasik as Chairman . . .


Framingham charter fraught with peril
The MetroWest Daily News
February 27, 2017
John Kahn

"Three Steps Backward and No Path Forward", is an appropriate summary of the Charter being presented to the voters for acceptance this coming April 4, 2017. Many residents have major concerns about the proposal that is being brought to full term in the shortest allowable time by 8 of the 9 Commissioners. [Note: The article incorrectly reports "10 of the 11 Commissioners."] There is only a little time left to learn what lies in THIS 70- page document and how it will change what we value about our government in Framingham.

Framingham’s city switch opposed
Boston Globe
February 17, 2017
Jennifer Fenn Lefferts, Globe Correspondent

Residents opposed to a proposal that would turn the town of Framingham into a city with a strong mayor and 11 city councilors are banding together to fight the plan.

Framingham: Town Meeting takes ‘no’ vote on city charter
The MetroWest Daily News
February 8, 2017
Jim Haddadin, Daily News Staff

Town Meeting members on Tuesday railed against the proposal for Framingham to become a city, formally opposing a home rule charter.

Banerjee: Charter Defies Tradition
The MetroWest Daily News
February 5, 2017
Teri S. Banerjee/Guest Columnist

As a Framingham citizen and Charter Commissioner, I urge Framingham residents to read this report and the full charter carefully and vote no on the proposed city charter.

Setting the Record Straight on Watertown – Letter to the Editor
The MetroWest Daily News
January 30, 2017
Marilyn M. Petitto Devaney, Watertown

Letter from a Watertown resident in reply to Butler, "Framingham should learn from Watertown", Jan. 17. In the letter, Ms. Devaney, discusses the pros and cons of Watertown moving to a city form of government.

Framingham vs Watertown – Letter to the Editor
The MetroWest Daily News
January 25, 2017
Sue Bernstein, Framingham

A rebuttal to a previous letter to the editor, "Watertown's real lessons to pass on" (Jan. 22) regarding development in Framingham.

Participation for Mayor’s Friends Only – Letter to the Editor
The MetroWest Daily News
January 22, 2017
Richard J. Weader II, Framingham

The citizen participation section of the proposed Framingham City Charter is a strong message from the political class that they don't want their government messed with by outsiders . . .

In surprise, Framingham charter group agrees to term limits
The MetroWest Daily News
January 20, 2017
Jim Haddadin, Daily News Staff

Members of the Charter Commission voted to institute term limits if Framingham becomes a city, abruptly reversing their position on one of the most contentious issues in the charter discussion.

Balance of power key in Framingham charter debate
The MetroWest Daily News
January 7, 2017
Jim Haddadin, Daily News Staff

The power of the mayor, the composition of the School Committee and the hurdles citizens must clear to initiate recalls and other ballot measures were among the concerns raised at a public hearing Tuesday on a new draft city charter.

Weak Case for Strong Mayor – Letter to the Editor
The MetroWest Daily News
September 22, 2016
Beth Greeley, Framingham

Beth Greeley makes a case that the Charter Commission is providing weak reasons for the strong mayor proposed in the Charter.

Critics Prepare for Ballot Fight
The MetroWest Daily News
July 28, 2016
Jim Haddadin, Daily News Staff

With the Charter Commission set to recommend a historic change for town government, opponents are banding together to fight Framingham's likely move to become a city. Several residents recently formed a new committee, called Framingham Not For Sale, to campaign against adopting a city form of government.